وکیل جرایم سایبری

So Far, So Near

English lyrics;From all round

شنبه 4 خرداد 1387 ساعت 01:02 ب.ظ

could I have this kiss forever

Over and over I look in your eyes
You are all I desire
You have captured me
I want to hold you I want to be close to you
I never want to let go
I wish that this night would never end
I need to know


Could I hold you for a lifetime?
Could I look into your eyes?
Could I have this night to share this night together?
Could I hold you close beside me?
Could I hold you for all time?
Could I could I have this kiss forever?
Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever?


Over and over I’ve dreamed of this night
Now you’re here by my side
You are next to me
I want to hold you and touch you and taste you
And make you want no one but me
I wish that this kiss could never end
Oh baby please

I don’t want any night to go by
Without you by my side
I just want all my days
Spent being next to you
Lived for just loving you
And baby, oh by the way

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