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So Far, So Near

English lyrics;From all round

پنج‌شنبه 18 شهریور 1389 ساعت 10:47 ب.ظ

By my side

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Stay with us & enjoy "by my side" from "Power of Ten Album" by Chris De Burgh .

It's all right I'm not lost, 

 I've got a reading on the Southern cross, 

 And I've been listening to the radio,  

For signs of new life, Some people find the game too tough,  

And there are those who've simply had enough,  

But I'm still here and I'm not giving up, 

 I'm going the distance; Whatever it takes 

...I have to fight, To build a better world... 

And make it right, And when I am alone.. 

It's late at night, I reach out and you are right here by my side; 

 When every thing has gone, You help me carry on, 

 You lift me up,you make me strong,  

You give love to see me through, 

 Oo oo oo What would I do, Without you by my side, By my side, 

 And out here on the flight,  

I'm on wing and a prayer tonight,  

The moon is showing me the way to go, I'm flying forever; 

 I've got what it takes. 

.To win the fight, And build a better world. 

.And make it right, I reach out and you're right here by my side, 

 When every thing has gone,  

You help me carry on, You lift me up, 

 You make me strong,  

You give love to see me through,  

Oo oo oo what would I do, 

 Without you by my side, Always you're in my heart Always by my side, Always you're in my life Always right here, 



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